Painting for Preservation


Who are the International Animal Rescue?

The Indonesian rainforest is vanishing before our eyes, with studies suggesting that over one million hectares are lost every single year as a result of forest fires and the systematic destruction of the rainforest, primarily for palm oil production. Orangutans are now on the brink of extinction, as a direct consequence of this mass habitat destruction.

The International Animal Rescue rescue, rehabilitate and release not just orangutans, but every living being that depends on the rainforest back into their natural habitats. They revive damaged rainforests so that they can reintroduce endangered species into protected areas. Their ultimate ambition is to restore a balance in which humans and animals can coexist in sustainable ecosystems.

What am I doing?

The International Animal Rescue’s mission is very close to my heart. I absolutely adore these animals, and am committed to supporting their mission to stop them from suffering! That’s why I decided to start painting orangutan portraits to raise funds for their conservation efforts. Every penny of profit from my orangutan paintings goes directly to the International Animal Rescue, and so far I have raised over £800 through sponsored walks and sales!

How can you donate?

If you would like to support me in raising funds to support the orangutan conservation effort, you can buy one of my orangutan portraits. 100% of proceeds from ‘Punk Baby’ and 10% of proceeds from ‘Punk Sister’, ‘Big Brother’, ‘Spike’ and ‘Pongo’ go to the International Animal Rescue.